Put Evergreen to work for you by having us process your materials.

packagingWe decontaminate, wash, blend, compound, and grind your material to your specifications. These services are available on a toll basis. Evergreen can also then convert this material into your desired product, including flake, NOL Flake, Pellet, or NOL Pellet.

We also offer a brokerage service for HDPE and Post-industrial PET. For one or many of these services call Evergreen today!

Evergreen offers the following services:

  • Toll Washing
  • Toll NOL Flake Processing
  • Toll Pelletizing - NOL and Non NOL
  • Blending
  • Compounding
  • Toll Grinding
  • PP & HDPE reclaim
  • Brokerage
    • HDPE
    • Post Industrial PET