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Evergreen Plastics: PET Bottle Recycling

We take curbside bales of plastic soft drink bottles and recycle them into reusable flakes or crystallized pellets. We recycle more than 100,000,000 pounds per year! That makes us one of the nation’s largest PET bottle recyclers.

RPET: Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate

Evergreen Plastics produces a broad range of recycled PET resins, or RPET resins. It is created by recycling post-consumer beverage bottles. We produce both flake and pellets in a variety of colors and grades.

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Sustainable and Profitable

The core values of Evergreen Plastics are environmental responsibility, sustainability, and profitability. Through these values, we are dedicated to ensuring the longevity of our business and helping your foster the longevity of your business.

Recycling post-consumer PET bottles and transforming them into RPET resin materials is a valued process in today’s world. Not only are these processes environmentally friendly, they offer an excellent cost value as opposed to virgin materials. These cost savings reach far beyond our manufacturing customers—even retail consumers have a cost savings on the finished products, due to these recycling initiatives.

Producing RPET resin requires less energy, costs less money, and emits less greenhouse gas than producing virgin resin. It also conserves limited resources. Best of all, products made from RPET can be recycled again.

Environmental responsibility and sustainability can be achieved, along with profitability, through working with Evergreen Plastics.

"Sustainability and Profitability are vital core values that ensure longevity in your business."

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