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Evergreen Plastics has a history of consistent growth, capital investment, and success.

packagingEvergreen Plastics was founded in 1998 with a unique focus: recycling curbside PET, mostly post-consumer soft drink and water bottles. Since the beginning, we have produced the highest quality RPET resins in flakes and pellets.

Since 1998, we have tripled our size and broadened our scope. We still offer high quality RPET, and our largest source of raw materials is still curbside PET bottles. Beyond this, Evergreen now offers a host of related products and services for our customers. Evergreen is constantly evolving and growing.

We currently employ 200 people at our state of the art facility. Our facility sits on 28 acres in Clyde, Ohio.



Evergreen Plastics opens for business in 75,000 square foot facility in Clyde, Ohio

Evergreen recycles curbside post-consumer PET bottles


First PET strapping line is installed


First building expansion adds 37,000 square feet to the facility — now 112,000 square feet


First Erema pelletizing line is installed, giving Evergreen NOL pellet capability

Second building expansion adds 34,000 square feet to the facility — now 146,000 square feet


Additional PET strapping capacity is installed

Third building expansion adds 13,000 square feet — now 159,000 square feet


Second Erema pelletizing line is installed

Fourth building expansion adds 65,000 square feet — now 225,000 square feet