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Evergreen Plastics produces a broad range of RPET resin in flake or pellet form. Our RPET is created from post-consumer beverage bottles.

Products manufactured from RPET resin are eco-friendly, or green, as they require fewer natural resources to create, as opposed to virgin resin. Products that are manufactured out of RPET resin are still recyclable, which contributes to the cycle of sustainability.

Clear and Green Flakes

Evergreen's clear and green flakes are manufactured to meet the highest quality standards. Our clear and green flakes are used in the plastic strapping, sheet, bottle, and fiber industries. They provide a quality, cost-effective alternative to higher priced virgin resins — generating more profit for the producer and more value for their customers.

Clear, Green, Black Pellets

We also offer RPET in pellet form in clear, green, and black colors. Our pellets are used in the manufacturing of hundreds of products, including packaging.

NOL Clear Pellets

Evergreen offers NOL clear pellets. NOL (non-objection letter) pellets are created through a process which results in resins in FDA certification (through a letter). The FDA certifies that our NOL pellets can be used at levels up to 100% in products intended for direct contact with food and beverages. PET bottles and containers for food can be manufactured with our NOL clear pellets.

Benefits of NOL pellet; Advanced System:

  • Lowest thermal “heat history” through single energy input
  • Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) build-up: 4 to 6% through the use of an additional crystallizer
  • Stronger decontamination performance through long average dwell times

Benefits of NOL pellet; Prime System:

  • Lowest thermal “heat history” through single energy input
  • Intrinsic Viscosity (IV) build-up: 6 to 10% through the use of two additional crystallization dryers
  • Batch operations, adjustable dwell times

Other Materials

In addition to our RPET pellets and flakes, Evergreen offers many by-products generated from our operations. These materials can be recycled into industrial and consumer packaging and products.

Industrial Usages

Evergreen Plastics are used in a variety of industrial applications, including:

  • PET preform manufacturing
  • Injection Stretch Blow Molding (ISBM)
  • Direct food contact and non-food contact packaging
  • RPET fiber for apparel and commercial applications
  • PET strapping – Translucent green and opaque
  • Injection Molding - engineering resin parts
  • Extruded film and sheet
  • Thermoforming
  • Any other application utilizing Virgin PET resin


Evergreen carefully packages its high-quality products in either Super Sacks or in large corrugated boxes. They are properly labeled to ensure a safe and secure delivery.

Quality Assurance

Evergreen enforces strict quality control. Every Super Sack or corrugated box of materials is given an ID number, so that it may be traced. Each package is also sampled and tested before shipment. The sampling includes two tests. The float / sink test checks for wood, paper, polypropylene, glass, metal, and other contaminants. The bake test checks for low melt and other contaminants, including PVC and barriers.

PH testing and IV testing is also performed. Pellets and clear pellets are tested for L, A, and B color. All findings regarding contaminants are reported in parts per million (PPM) on a certificate of analysis. These certificates are kept on permanent record at Evergreen. A COA (certificate of analysis) is available for our customers upon request.